Custom Power Cord Wiring

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What Information Do I Need to Provide?

  • In order to find the right solution for our customers, we typically ask for the following information:
    • Male (Plug) Configuration
    • Female (Connector) Configuration
    • Length of cable
    • Gauge of cable

Male & Female Configurations

  • We may refer to Female as the connector and the Male as the plug. We will need to determine the NEMA configuration you need for each end to ensure you receive the correct cord. If you do not know the NEMA code of the plug & connector, contact one of our customer service representatives.

Length of Cable

  • You will need to know the length of the cable. You may only need only a short amount of cable (~2ft) for an adapter, but you might need a long cord (~75ft). It depends on the situation. We only offer cables up to 100ft at this time. 

Cable Gauge

  • The gauge is basically the thickness of the copper inside the cord. This should be related to the length of the cable and the amount of power required. Typically, a longer cord should have thicker gauge, especially when dealing with higher amperage. Here’s a good rule of thumb: