TT-30 RV Straight Blade Cord




This 30A RV power cord is designed to work with the NEMA TT-30 straight blade inlet. The male plug features an easy grip handle with an LED power indicator light, while the female connector includes a finger grip handle for easy unplugging and a threaded ring that screws over the inlet for maximum protection against the elements.

  • Approval: Plug, STW: UL, C-UL
  • Limited one year warranty

Why Choose a 30A Straight Blade Inlet System?

Utilizing a straight blade inlet system for your RV creates a more secure electrical connection that is less prone to dangerous arcing.  The inlet design utilizes a standard 30A RV connection found on most campground pedestals. Locking inlet systems can wiggle loose, and create dangerous electrical arcing. A straight blade connection is less prone to arcing and provides additional surface area for electricity to flow.


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