Cam Lock 15A Extension Cords




These Cam Lock extension cords are designed for both the typical home user or a contractor who needs power for tools at the house or garage. The 12 gauge wire provides plenty of power for running devices such as a drill or saw from over 100ft away. The Cam Lock plug and connector feature locking technology to prevent accidental unplugging. The female connector features a weather tight cap for protection when not in use and a LED indicator light that illuminates when the power is connected. The cable comes in a bright yellow color that stands out it in low light conditions.

  • Approval: Plug, Connector, and SJTW: UL, C-UL


The Cam Lock Series

The Cam Lock secure locking system prevents power cords from accidentally unplugging and creates a weather resistant seal when connected. Every 15A male plug has a Secure Twist Ring that easily fastens around the connector to keep the cords firmly attached. The connector end features a rubber ring that surrounds it for maximum weather resistance. If any of the outlets are not being used, the protective caps can be used to prevent water damage. The Cam Lock series of power cords and adapters are available in different lengths and configurations to quickly attach the right accessory without having to swap different cords.

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