Not all of the items listed on Cord Depot are standard stock items. Some electrical situations require products that are not as common for the average consumer. For these situations, we offer assembly power products that are made by our skilled team. We also provide a custom assembly service in the event that a particular item is not listed. Please contact our customer service team for more information.

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  • SKU: 1450SS2-25

    14-50P to CS6364 Power Cord

  • SKU: GISB50-025

    14-50 Cord and Inlet Box Combo

  • SKU: EV650T

    6-50P to 14-50R EV Pigtail Adapter

  • SKU: TEL1430-025

    L14-30P to CS6364 Temp Power Cords

  • SKU: RU1430PR-025

    14-30 Rubber Extension Cord

  • SKU: SB1030PR-025

    10-30 Extension Cords

  • SKU: L1430SS250

    L14-30P to SS2-50R Pigtail Adapter

  • SKU: Y14301430

    14-30P to (2)14-30R Y-Adapter

  • SKU: TES1450-010, TES1450-15, TES1450-20, & TES1450-50

    14-50P to CS6364 Power Supply Cord

  • SKU: TE6381-15

    CS6365 to CS6364 Temp Power Cord

  • SKU: EV1050T

    10-50P to 14-50R EV Pigtail Adapter

  • SKU: EV515L620

    EV Adapters with L6-20R Connector

  • SKU: EV1450L630

    EV Adapters With L6-30R Connector

  • SKU: P10301430

    10-30P to 14-30R Pigtail Adapter

  • SKU: P515L1430

    5-15P to L14-30R Pigtail Adapter

  • SKU: P14501430

    14-50P to 14-30R Pigtail Adapter


Showing 1–16 of 77 results