Electric Vehicle Power

Cord Depot prides itself in being able to offer a large Electric Vehicle power product line of adapters, extension cords, and other products responsible for keeping an electric vehicle charged. Our EV adapters are professionally wired with quality products and are designed to utilize existing outlets. If the outlet is in a hard to reach area or far from the vehicle, use an EV extension cord to increase the range. If you have any questions finding the right electric vehicle power product, please contact our customer service team.

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  • SKU: 80303

    7-20R Flush Mount Receptacle

  • SKU: 15306

    14-50 EVSE/RV Extension Cord

  • SKU: EV650T

    6-50P to 14-50R EV Pigtail Adapter

  • SKU: 30113

    6-20P to L6-20R Plug Adapter

  • SKU: RU1430PR-025

    14-30 Rubber Extension Cord

  • SKU: SB1030PR-025

    10-30 Extension Cords

  • SKU: PL620L630

    L6-20P to L6-30R Pigtail Adapter

  • SKU: EV1430T

    14-30P to 14-50R Pigtail Adapter

  • SKU: EV1030T

    10-30P to 14-50R EV Pigtail Adapter

  • SKU: EVL530T

    L5-30P to 14-50R EV Pigtail Adapter

  • SKU: RU515PR-025

    5-15 Rubber Extension Cord

  • SKU: EVTT30T

    TT-30P to 14-50R EV Plug Adapter

  • SKU: EV1050T

    10-50P to 14-50R EV Pigtail Adapter

  • SKU: EV1450L630

    EV Adapters With L6-30R Connector

  • SKU: EV515L620

    EV Adapters with L6-20R Connector

  • SKU: Y1450520S

    14-50P to (2)5-15/20R Y-Adapter


Showing 1–16 of 49 results