Marine Y-Adapters

The marine shore power Y-adapters on Cord Depot can be used to split a single marine power source into two usable outlets that can be connected to two marine power cords. Each unit is fully molded and built with thick gauge wire to provide uninterrupted power delivery to your boat. Each Y-Adapter comes with safety indicators to warn you when the cord has power. Please contact customer service if you have any questions.

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  • SKU: 17518

    SS2-50P to (2)SS2-50R Y-Adapter

  • SKU: 17220

    L5-30P to (2)L5-30R Y-Adapter

  • SKU: 17312

    SS2-50P to (2)L5-30R Y-Adapter

  • SKU: 17517

    SS2-50P to (2)SS1-50R Y-Adapter

  • SKU: 17311

    SS1-50P to (2)L5-30R Y-Adapter


Showing all 5 results