Marine Power Cords

Cord Depot carries an extensive line of rugged marine shore power cords that are designed to be used at the dock or marina. Connect to any straight blade or locking marine style connection with one of the fully molded cordsets listed below. These cords are available in different lengths, colors, and configuration styles. Please contact a customer service representative if you have any questions.

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  • SKU: 17105-025RE

    L5-30 Marine Shore Power Cord

  • SKU: 17305-025RE

    SS2-50 Marine Shore Power Cords

  • SKU: 14511, 14513 & 20261-100

    5-15 10 Gauge Extension Cords

  • SKU: 13210-10

    12V DC Extension Cord

  • SKU: 17101-025RE

    L5-30 Marine White Extension Cord

  • SKU: 17302

    SS1-50 Marine Shore Power Cords

  • SKU: 16305-EC0RE

    SS2-50 RV/Marine Inlet Extender

  • SKU: 17A05-025RE

    L5-30 PVC Braided Power Cords

  • SKU: 17930-025RE

    L5-30 Marine Night Glow Cord

  • SKU: 17930-050RE

    L5-30 Marine Neon Striped Extension Cord

  • SKU: 13312

    12V DC Charger Outlet Splitter

  • SKU: 13210-CC

    12V Car Charger Extension Cord


Showing all 12 results