Marine Power Cords 30A

Cord Depot carries a variety of 30 amp marine shore power cords with the NEMA L5-30 configuration. We offer a wide range of cables with different lengths, jackets, and colors. Each cable is equipped with threaded rings and a sealing collar to connect multiple marine cables while still protecting the connection from water damage. Both the plug and connector have LED power indicator lights that illuminate when the power is connected. Please contact a customer service representative if you have any questions.

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  • SKU: 17105-025RE

    30 Amp Marine Shore Power Cord

  • SKU: 17101-025RE

    30 Amp Marine Shore Power Cord – White

  • SKU: 17A05-025RE

    L5-30 PVC Braided Power Cords

  • SKU: 17930-025RE

    L5-30 Marine Night Glow Cord

  • SKU: 17930-050RE

    L5-30 Marine Neon Striped Extension Cord


Showing all 5 results