GFCI Adapters

When an outlet does not have built-in GFCI (Ground Fault Current Interruption) protection, attaching a GFCI adapter is the next best alternative. Cord Depot carries several GFCI adapters that are designed to instantly shut down power when there is a problem with the current running through a cable. GFCI adapters are required in many work sites to provide safe power for workers. Even if they are not required, these GFCI adapters can still be used in homes to protect devices, such as appliances. Please contact a Cord Depot customer service representative if you have any questions.

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  • SKU: 20911-3PG

    GFCI Adapter With 3 Outlets

  • SKU: 20251-025-IG

    5-15 Inline GFCI Power Cords

  • SKU: PNG312-IG

    GFCI Protection Pigtail Adapter

  • SKU: 20910-3IG

    5-15P to (3)5-15R GFCI Adapter


Showing all 4 results